BIO certificates 2018

Growing in organic farming obliges us to grow without chemistry and fertilizers. By applying the principles of organic farming we grow fruit in organic quality. Since we process our fruits into organic juices we are also controlled by the certification organization to ensure that the hygiene standards as well as the processing of fruit is without artificial additives. These checks are carried out annually and every year we apply for a certificate declaring fulfillment of the conditions for cultivation and production in organic agricultural production.

Did you know that when you enter into organic farming you will not immediately get the BIO status?

This would be too simple and would not ensure the quality of production without chemistry. It works in such a way that a period of three years must have elapsed since the registration in organic agricultural production. During this period you have to behave ecologically, no chemicals and fertilizers. This period is called conversion and the products produced therein must be labeled as a conversion product for organic agricultural production.

However, there are exceptions for applications to reduce conversion time, where the applicant has to prove organic farming before entering into organic farming system. I used this option because the orchard of Aronia blackberryfrom which we produce juice has not been chemically treated for decades and therefore I was given the status of BIO at the beginning of organic farming.

For simplicity, these certificates are my testimonials :-) That we grow without chemistry and fertilizers and produce healthy organic juices without additives.

BIO certificate 2018 - Fruit Bio Aronia

This is my first BIO certificate :-) It was wery important part of my life.