Blackcurrant stories 2019

As I mentioned my cultivation in organic farming continues in 2019 and is approaching the finals since this year I am in the last year of conversion for blackcurrant. In 2020 once all the conversion conditions are met the blackberry will be given the BIO status. How did we grow in 2019? 2019 began in the spring with a hoe of currants in order to prevent their wasting. Pickling currants is my favorite work in our orchard and reflected the Farmers dream logo. I do hoe on the tractors through the swinging section which is used in vineyards. However it also has its merit in the currant plantation, as it ensures soil scrubbing, nutrient supply and wetness during the growth and ripening of the fruit. During vegetation I usually apply a seaweed preparation that provides nutrition and has an anti-stress effect on plants

Mechanized harvesting is the best way to quickly and in perfect quality collect a large amount of properly currants. The manual harvesting at this scale of orchard is not possible physically. The crop was great in 2019. It was a challenging day not only to collect but also every day to carry and move 10 kg boxes of currants from orchard to truck. However my goal and the joy of a quality crop pulled me forward. We also had complications during the harvest when the harvester tractor failed four times. Fortunately I have a skilful tractor operator who was able to fix breakdown. Since mechanized harvesting is crucial for us, we have already renewed part of the combine harvester this year by purchasing shaking wheels directly from a foreign manufacturer. Let me point out that it was a considerable investment in the restoration of the combine harvester. However, those investments are necessary.