Blackcurrant Juice in conversion to organic agriculture

We know every berry

Let me explain it :-) We know every berry because the fruit we grow is well known to us. We are in contact with it all year long and we make sure that we will have a good harvest. The first crop we sold to Slovak winemakers. To be honest, I was sorry at the time that I didn't know the fate of our carefully grown currants.

Juice production 

Based on this feelings I decided to start all the engines and ensured that the following year we made natural juice of blackcurrant from organic farming by ourselves. Its 100% blackcurrant juice, no additives, no sugar, no concetrate. The blackcurrant juice is surprisingly thick and amazingly fragrant.


  Properties of BIO juice

Based on batch tests in certification laboratory from 2019 the Farmer´s dream natural juice contains: 

Potassium: 173.50 mg / 100 ml 

Magnesium: 12.75 mg / 100 ml 

Iron: 1.09 mg / 100 ml