About farmer girl

Probably you can't even imagine how happy I am to do what I really love. Sure, I went through various office jobs and project manager positions in Bratislava and in myhometown Levice. The determination I had the strength to become a real farmer was primarily based on motherhood when I realized that I wanted to feed my children with HEALTHY FOOD. So,I started researching the origin of the food we buy in shops. It was so important to me that I wanted to grow and produce products that I buy myself - in organic quality and with a clear origin history. I realized that I do not want to go back to office job. In the moment I sat on tractor it all begins.

In the Farmer's Dream logo is a woman on a small tractor, this woman is me, real me. I know my fields, my farm, my land perfectly because I work on it by myself. I am close to agriculture because my dad is active in agriculture and fruit growing. First, I have been working as accountant for farmers and gradually I realized that today times needs a modern approach to land based on the organic behavior of the grower. This idea led me to become an organic (BIO) producer. This life journey started with the planting a new blackcurrant plantation in 2014. The whole process from planting and converting field into organic farming to final organic production lasted really long - 5 years. In 2019, I finaly could admire two amazing organic farming products in my portfolio - Blackcurrant juice and BIO Aronia blackberry juice.

My principle is to process only my own grown fruit because here I know the origin and the way of cultivation. I apply my own sales policy to sales, which I am convinced of myself. I try to support the facts with information, so I often invest in laboratory analysis to get the most out of my products. Pricing is not competition-oriented in my case, I sit down, spend costs, pay taxes and get the real price for the product. Farmer's dream is my complex job in which I find myself as a tractor driver, fruit picker, stock clerk, accountant, planner and website creator. A big thanks you to my parents and husband who helping me fulfill Farmer's dream.